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Personal Experience

weston park cancer support charity

Please see below personal experiences of patients and carers who have used the Centre, as well as Health Care Professionals.


“The possibility that I might have Prostate Cancer was first raised late in 2015 and the diagnosis was confirmed two months by the end of the year.  I read a lot of cancer-related papers and listened carefully to everything that I was told at the official consultations but I still felt that I was going into a large and long pipeline with no obvious exit.  But that changed when after a wait of a few weeks I was able to join the Prostate Cancer – Positive about Life course.  Over the next six weeks I was able to talk about these things with the other men on the course who were at various stages of the process and with Anne, our tutor and an experienced Cancer Nurse.  I still didn’t like the prospect of what was ahead of me (seven weeks of daily Radio Therapy) but I know now that I was being pushed along the right pipeline.  I had a much better idea of what was ahead of me and I had more confidence that I would eventually emerge in the right place.  Possibly more importantly, I enjoyed the course and the companionship of the other members of the group – so much better than just sitting at home waiting in fear and ignorance for the next kick into the blackness along the pipeline.”


“The Cancer Support Centre has been like an oasis for me, both during and after my treatment.  I have always been welcomed by a warm and friendly team, who have gone out of their way to offer help and advice, or just been there for a chat and a cuppa.  I had reflexology which I thoroughly enjoyed and found extremely relaxing, it helped me to put any anxieties and fears on “hold” and allowed me to gather my thoughts.  The Cancer Support Centre allows the much needed “space” and support at a very difficult time and is an invaluable service.”


“As a carer the support has been invaluable, both to my wife in the first instance through care, reassurance, guidance, reiki and reflexology.  For myself, you gave me help to understand what my wife was going through, which enabled me to talk to her about cancer and a positive future and quality life together.  To all the very kind staff, I thank you from my heart.”


“In July 2014 I had surgery for breast cancer aged 49 and transferred to the care of Weston Park Hospital for oncology and radiotherapy in September.  At my first oncology appointment I was informed of the Cancer Support Centre, it was also recommended to me by a friend.  When I first called in to the Cancer Support Centre the strategically placed tissues came in hand, initially I found talking about myself very difficult without getting emotional.  I came away armed with lots of booklets and information, including an excellent recipe book which my husband was keen to use.  Chemotherapy was followed by a trial drug, the side effects of the trial drug were not too bad and when I had a phone call in October 2014 asking if I was able to attend the Look Good Feel Better pamper session, I decided to come.  It was an afternoon for women following or during cancer treatment to get practical advice on skin care and make up, and I found it really friendly and fun.  With my confidence boosted, I felt keen to go out that evening to our local pub, which I hadn’t stepped in since my diagnosis.  Radiotherapy commenced at the end of December and with that, sessions of complementary therapy at the Cancer Support Centre are offered.  I chose to try hypnosis, to combat sleep problems and whilst I can’t claim to sleep like a log each night, I do find it easier to get back to sleep once I have woken.  The therapy is also offered to partners, mine chose to have Reiki and found it very relaxing.  I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at the Cancer Support Centre, visiting it wasn’t what I had planned for 2014 / 2015, but it certainly made dealing with cancer easier.”


“I was diagnosed in 2011, but I didn’t want to talk at all about cancer.  In 2014 I called the Centre and for the last year I have been lifted by some amazing people.  Now I know I can rely on something solid.  The Centre has an atmosphere; reassuring, personal and very easy.  My life may have been shortened but I have been strengthened by the love and care of the Centre.”

Nicki Lee – Clinical Specialist Radiographer (Patient Information, Children and Young People), Weston Park Hospital:


“Having the Cancer Support Centre on site is very reassuring knowing that our patients can get the information and support they need but cannot always be given effectively in a busy clinical setting.  A close relationship between the radiotherapy department and the Centre has developed over the years and has resulted in us providing a positive and supportive experience for our patients.”

Helen Lee – Clinical Nurse Specialist (Neuro-oncology), Weston Park Hospital:

“As an experienced Clinical Nurse Specialist who has used the Centre and it’s services for over 11 years, I sign post all of my patients and their families to the Cancer Support Centre, as it feels like a “haven in a turbulent storm”.  When Brain Tumour patients receive their diagnosis their world and that of their families turns upside down.  The Cancer Support Centre offers calm and tranquillity, a shoulder to cry on in a different environment that is non clinical and is bright and cheerful with the additional support of experienced health care professionals, along with the free specialist, welfare advice and legal advice.”


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    The staff were warm and welcoming, they are my friends, listening to your rants and panic attacks, talking about normal things, making you laugh when you didn't think you could, holding your hand or giving you a hug when you felt so low you just wanted to cry.

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