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Complementary Therapies

Patients and their carer can enjoy four free sessions of complementary therapy each.

Book in for sessions, which are available Monday to Friday (by appointment only).  The therapies on offer are:


Massage therapy is probably the oldest known therapy and it is based on touch. It involves stroking, kneading or gently pressing the muscles and soft tissues of the body to help you relax mentally and physically.

Some types of massage are soft and gentle, while others are more vigorous. It is possible to just concentrate on small areas of your body such as your feet, neck and shoulders, as well as massaging larger areas such as your back. You may be asked to remove some clothing for your treatment.

Hand or foot massage is also offered, with which you can remain fully clothed, is relaxing and provides you with immediate health benefits, such as improved finger and wrist range of motion and enhanced circulation.


It is believed that different areas in your hands and feet are linked with different parts of your body. By applying firm but controlled pressure with thumb and fingers to these areas, generally on your feet, the reflexologist will help to relieve in-balances in different parts of your body and renew energy flows.


This is a simple and natural form of healing that originated in Japan. The word means ‘universal life energy’.  You simply lie or sit (fully clothed) and the practitioner will gently place their hands over or on your body, in areas where they feel it is most needed.  It is not linked to any sort of belief system. The aim is to support the body to heal itself.


Your therapist will gently take you into a deep state of relaxation through breathing techniques and visualisation. Allowing your mind both the space and the time to start to make sense of what is happening to you. You can be taught how to use the state for yourself (for example when you go to the hospital) and you can use relaxation at home.

You will be fully clothed and remain conscious throughout the therapy. 


Shiatsu is a hands-on therapy, originating in Japan, and is a method of stimulating / unblocking the vital ‘energy’ flow (Ki) within the body by using a gentle type of ‘acupressure’ massage with gentle stretches and movements done by the therapist. It is a therapy that works on the emotional and psychological levels as well as on the physical state.  Shiatsu relaxes mind and body, restores and balances energy, relieves musculo-skeletal disorders, and enhances general wellbeing.

Indian Head Massage

This involves acupressure work on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face including sinuses. It helps reduce stress, fatigue, and eyestrain, increase mental clarity, relaxes and rejuvenates the receiver. You may be asked to remove some clothing for your treatment.

Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular Acupuncture (or ear acupuncture) is a form of complementary therapy positioning very fine needles into the outer ear. Find out more.

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